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Classification of paper machines

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The main body of the paper machine and its auxiliary and auxiliary systems have different forms and specifications. In engineering design, the forms and specifications of various parts are determined based on the types of pulp used in papermaking, paper types, and output requirements. Different forms have different structures. The form classification of paper machine is determined by the structural form of its main part. It is a common international habit to express the general form of paper machine by the structural form of main part. At present, in order to adapt to the paper mills to select paper machines according to their own actual process conditions, the main parts of the paper machines have many forms according to their structural principles and technical characteristics.

In engineering practice, the form and structural features of the forming section and the drying section that play a decisive role in the output and quality of the paper machine are usually selected as the basis for the classification of the basic forms of the paper machine.

There are also second and third levels of classification of paper machines. The second level of classification is divided according to the specific configuration of the paper machine in the same basic form category according to the specific requirements. For example, Fourdrinier paper machines can be divided into newsprint machines, cultural paper machines, ordinary paper machines, and thin paper machines according to specific configurations. These paper machines have different characteristics of Fourdrinier formers. According to the other side, paper machines belonging to the same two-level classification can also be classified into the third-level classification according to their major structure or equipment characteristics, such as the Fourdrinier newsprint machine with multi-roll double press and the through-drying Fourdrinier paper bag paper machine Wait.


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