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Features of Double Layer BOM press felt

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Double Layer BOM press felt

Double Layer BOM Felt includes 1+1 composite structure and double layer of MD yarn structure. 1+1 composite structure BOM is consisted of two different thickness of base material. Both of these base materials can be changed to different construction and sizes to suit the requirement of different paper machines. It process high quality properties such as high-pressresistance, good flexibility, good permeability, good size stability, less elongation, excellent tensile strength and can eliminate vacuum marks, blind hole mark, groove mark etc. Applying to many kinds of press such as: groove press, vacuum suction press, multi-press, large diameter nip-roll press which can produce high-grade printing paper, newsprint, technical paper, packaging paper, high-grade paper board etc.

Double Layer BOM press felt Application:

Paper machine: Multi-cylinder,Super Forming, Fourdrinier ,Superposition Wire,Nip Wire Paper Making Machine ectfor different kinds of paper machine’s press felt and forming felt.


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