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Solutions to problems in Rewinder

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1: The weight of each roll is different.. The number of laps on the computer is set.. But weight always runs

Solution: first of all, there are three reasons why the weight of the paper you roll out is different. One is the width of each roll you cut is different. The second is that the quantitative banner of the base paper changes. The third is that you don't have a stretch roll, which causes the paper to fold locally and the weight increases.

I just start to do it now. I always waste a lot of paper. How can we make rational use of it? Solution: how to make full use of paper and reduce waste. You should pay more attention to this at ordinary times. First of all, you should work hard on purchasing, and the width of the large paper roll you buy should be appropriate, so that the two sides are cut less. Secondly, when rewinding, try not to break the paper or produce unqualified products, so as to reduce waste.

3: The paper cut by the paper cutter is always crooked. How to adjust the flat point. Solution: the paper roll cut out by the paper cutter is always crooked. This is to fix the parallelism between your large paper roll and the cylinder of the rewinder, otherwise the paper will be crooked. In addition, the camber of your stretcher roll should be adjusted well, otherwise there will be deviation.

4: When rolling paper, a small section is always broken when the right side is worried about the core. As a result, the paper will not be rolled up.. No roll.. Solution: if it is always broken on the right side, it is necessary to check whether the tension of the paper on this side is greater than that on the left side, whether the stretch roll or the large roll of paper is more backward on this side, resulting in the tension of this side is too tight and the paper is broken.

5: There are always problems in rainy days.. Is it related to the wetness of the paper.. What to do?? Solution: toilet paper has good water absorption. In rainy days, due to the high humidity of the air, it is possible to have different dryness between the outer layer and the inner layer of the large roll, which will cause the paper deformation and change in strength. When the roll is made, it is easy to break the paper and make quantitative deviation. To eliminate this problem, you need to consider the ventilation of the workshop and try to keep the workshop dry.


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