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A quick way to repair the wear and tear of pressure screens in paper mills

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Pressure screen

The pressure screen adopts the up-flow structure design of slurry at the bottom, heavy slag discharge at the bottom, and light slag discharge at the top, which effectively solves the above problems. Light impurities and air in the slurry naturally rise to the top slag discharge port for discharge, and heavy impurities can settle to the bottom for discharge as soon as they enter the body. In this way, on the one hand, the residence time of impurities in the screen area is effectively shortened, the possibility of impurity circulation is reduced, and the screening efficiency is improved; on the other hand, the damage to the rotor and the screen drum caused by heavy impurities is prevented, and the service life of the equipment is prolonged.

The traditional solution after the pressure screen is worn out:

The traditional repair method is to weld the steel plate or replace it. The cost of the welding method is relatively low, but the welding produces high temperature, which is easy to produce internal stress and easily cause metal deformation, especially in the stress concentration area, which is not resistant to corrosion and leads to weld leakage. The replacement method is time-consuming, laborious and costly, and generally companies will not use it.

Shandong easttai on-line repair technology for pressure screen wear

Shandong easttai carbon nano polymer material repair technology uses the mechanical properties of carbon nano polymer materials and a targeted repair process to repair the wear of the pressure screen online. The repair process is simple: drying the bottom of the pressure screen, surface treatment, blending material, smearing material, and curing.

Its advantages are good adhesion, good compression resistance, abrasion resistance, and comprehensive mechanical properties such as elastic deformation of metals. It can realize online repair, machining repair, etc., and the repair efficiency is high. There is no need to dismantle the equipment. Generally, The repair will be completed within 8 hours to 24 hours.

Shandong easttai carbon nano polymer material is similar to a cold welding technology. It does not generate high temperature during the online repair process, which protects the equipment body from damage and is not limited by the amount of unilateral wear during the repair process.

Carbon nano polymer materials will not produce metal fatigue and wear during use. Under the premise of normal maintenance of the equipment, the service life after repair is even longer than the service life of new parts.

In summary, carbon nano-polymer materials have high repair efficiency in repairing pressure screen wear and can realize online repair, with low comprehensive repair costs, providing powerful solutions for enterprise equipment repair and maintenance, and greatly reducing enterprise production costs.


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