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A4 paper cutter blade adjustment

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Do you know how to adjust the blade of A4 paper cutter? If you do n’t know, it does n’t matter, the following editor will briefly introduce the blade adjustment of the A4 paper cutter:

1. Current blades can be used on all sides.

2. When the blade is found to be worn, it needs to be adjusted or replaced.

3. Return the cutter to the highest point and insert it.

4. Pull out the front panel, and then loosen the hexagon socket bolt of the clamp panel to adjust or replace the blade.

5. The blade should be tilted to the left, re-tighten the hexagon socket bolt of the plywood panel, and then push it into the cover.

Use talcum powder or paraffin to coat the cutting platform and blade opening of the A4 paper cutter. There are two advantages in doing so: 1. Reduce the frictional resistance between the paper and the platform, and save effort. 2. Extend the cutting times of the blade and the cutting edge Smooth and tidy.


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