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About the composition of papermaking machinery and how to deal with the failure?

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Generally, it can be divided into main body and auxiliary system, and the main part is divided into wet part, stem part and curl part. The wet end can be understood as the part of the paper with a high water content; the dry part is the dry part with very little water; and the curl is the mechanism that rolls up the paper. The auxiliary system is to help the host realize other parts.

For modern high-speed paper machines, each system is complementary, with no primary or secondary function or function. Auxiliary system refers to a title, just like a mobile phone, in addition to the main function, there are other auxiliary functions to meet the needs of life quality and efficiency, the same is true for paper machines, whether it is the main body or the auxiliary system. of.

The failure mainly includes the following aspects: one refers to the shutdown of production failure; the other refers to the shutdown of equipment failure. How should we handle this situation? What is the main reason?

Equipment downtime characteristics

1) There are many equipment failure points, and it is often shut down due to equipment failures.

2) Some parts have short service life and high replacement frequency.

3) There is a big gap between the failure cycle and the maintenance time, and the management is difficult.

Main cause of failure

1) Wear. Mainly include parts and equipment that have long-term contact with copper mesh, pulp, felt or forming paper, such as pulp, pulp pump, vacuum box board, desander, calender, press roll, etc.; another reason is the frequent movement of parts, such as Intake cover, vacuum booster roller, scraper, cylinder, vacuum pump, etc.

2) Lubricate. Its mechanical rotation is directly related to the bearing. Generally, there are hundreds of different bearings and rotating rollers, so this lubrication is very necessary, especially under the influence of water and high temperature, the lubricating oil will evaporate, causing wear, so must be checked regularly.

3) Fatigue problem. The operation of the machinery will cause damage, so the parts cannot have a strong sense of design to avoid damage, and can also be solved through technology.


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