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Advantages of Drum Pulper

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The rotary drum pulping system is mainly used in the pulping process for the recycling of waste paper and papermaking residues. It has a high crushing efficiency for OCC, MOW, ONP and other raw materials. The system is mainly composed of conveying equipment, material preparation equipment and crushing equipment. Compared with the traditional hydraulic pulping system, the drum pulping system has the advantages of large processing capacity, high efficiency, energy saving and high light slag discharge rate.

It does not have a strong cutting effect in the process of decomposing fibers, so it can better retain the original quality of waste paper fibers, and impurities in the raw materials such as tape, plastic, hot melt adhesive, rope, etc. It can be removed and the slag is discharged quickly, which can greatly reduce the load of the subsequent equipment, and is suitable for the treatment of unselected waste paper.


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