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Advantages of Open Type Headbox

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The headbox is the heart of papermaking and is essential for obtaining high-quality paper. We provide headboxes with excellent performance, low energy consumption and low prices for paper mills. The following is the detailed information about the 2700mm headbox.


Lips: 2700mm

1. Its basic configuration is a square cone tube, stepped orifice plate cloth slurry, double-homogeneous roller rectification, vertical lip with sizing device lip, etc.

2. The surface of the headbox and the contact part of the headbox is mirror-polished. The cotton ball is used to reach the suspended yarn with a roughness of 0.4mm.

3. The defoaming device with stainless steel nozzle is above the liquid surface.

4. The headbox support is an oblong hole structure, which is easy to adjust.


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