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Advantages of refiner

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Refiner has strong adaptability and a wide range of applications for slurry: it can be used for atmospheric and high-consistency refining of straw pulp, poplar wood chemical pulp, eucalyptus pulp, reed pulp, pulp and sugarcane pulp; less fiber cutting, and splitting The brooming effect is significant, and the fiber swelling, softness, plasticity and internal fiberization are improved. It is most suitable for the beating of short-fiber, low-strength hardwood, straw pulp and fiber raw materials, and improves the production of high-strength, high-performance paper. The new method has obvious advantages compared with the traditional beater and disc grinder:

(1) Energy saving: saving 30%-40% of electricity consumption per ton of pulp.

(2) Environmental protection: save electricity by more than 50% per ton of pulp.

(3) High efficiency: the physical strength index of pulp fiber is increased by 10%-35%


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