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Analysis and Solution of Perforation of Paper Produced by paper mill machinery

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The holes in the base paper produced by paper mill machinery can be divided into holes in the wet part and holes in the cadre part. How to deal with these holes when they appear?


1. PEO hole: Generally, it is a problem of brewing quality and formed during the process of replacing PEO. The shape of the hole is long and there are laces around it. Will disappear after cycles.

The paper mill machinery production paper perforation treatment method is: control the PEO brewing quality, and clean the dilution tank filter in time!

2. Dirt sticks to the felt, which can cause the vent of the felt to be blocked, and the dehydration capacity of the blocked position is reduced, which makes it difficult to sizing in this direction and the occurrence of holes. This situation is generally due to the resin in the slurry and the glue of the wet strength agent. The material falls off and adheres to the felt and forming net, and the shape of the hole is the shape of the adhered material.

The treatment method for paper perforation produced by papermaking machinery is: stop the machine for inspection or clean the wool cloth and the pulp hanging on the body!

3. Felt compaction means that a certain part of the felt is covered with dirty pulp, PEO blocks, or the idler stays on the dryer surface for too long when the machine is stopped, which causes the felt to be scalded. In addition, sometimes it is also caused by the process of cleaning the felt. Formed, the hole felt appears periodically, the shape is irregular but there are laces around it that are easy to distinguish.

How to deal with the perforation of paper produced by papermaking machinery: start the felt high-pressure pump for cleaning, you can also find the position and needle the position, and only replace the felt when it is severe!

4. When the felt is used in the later period, the felt is severely shed, and the felt is difficult to sizing, and holes will occur. The shape is generally long, with laces around it, and there is no fixed periodicity and regularity. Often the felt can only be replaced after this situation appears. To deal with it!

5. The long service cycle of the felt leads to a decrease in the dehydration capacity and a narrower available orientation. Generally, this hole appears at both ends of the finished paper, and the shape is generally long, with laces on the periphery, and has a certain periodicity.

The method of paper perforation treatment in paper mill machinery: regularly use the felt corrector to adjust the orientation of the felt to make it normal!


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