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Analysis and solution of problems in the use of pulp equipment

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In today's society, pulp equipment has been widely used, but when the time of use is long, various problems will appear. How should we deal with this situation?

1. At the beginning, we want to check the condition of the internal parts of the pulp equipment. If the internal parts are damaged, there will be a noise problem. This situation suggests that the internal parts that have been severely worn can be replaced, so To deal with the problem of noise.

2. When the worn parts are replaced, there is still a sound, then the main motor should be checked. This is because if the internal lubricating oil is insufficient, it will also cause this situation. This is to suggest that we add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to it, so that it will have a better effect when used.


3. The problem of load also requires attention. If the main motor presents a load condition, it may lead to abnormal movement. This requires us to pay attention to it when using it. Normal use can avoid this phenomenon.


The pulp equipment is equipped with active infrared deviation adjustment equipment. If it shows deviation during use, it can be actively corrected to avoid deviation of the mesh belt. When using it, you can choose how to heat it according to your own conditions, so that it can show a better effect and save money. energy. It also has the function of drying to make the processed materials softer. Because the structure and adjustment method are relatively simple, it is easier to operate and can bring convenience to people.


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