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Analysis of failures of papermaking machinery and how to solve rewinding cracks

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The failures that often occur in paper machines include two aspects: one is the inherent production failure downtime.

Paper-making machinery and equipment are carried out on the premise of ensuring product quality and meeting the requirements of the production process, especially the production of cultural paper, but it is relatively simple to handle; the second is equipment downtime. In the production process of paper machines, there are certain particularities and complexities. If the equipment fails, we need to find out the cause and deal with it in time to avoid turning the small problem into a big one. The same is true for paper machines. Let's talk to the editor of Tianyang Paper Machine to learn about the analysis of paper machine equipment failures and how to solve Fu Juan's cracks.

Features of equipment failure shutdown:

1. There are many equipment failure points, often accompanied by equipment failures.

2. The service life of the parts is relatively short, resulting in a high replacement frequency.

3. Management is difficult. There is a gap between the period of failure and the time taken by the repair station.

The main reasons for the failure of papermaking machinery and equipment include:

1. Wear and tear

It mainly includes parts and equipment such as pulp, pulp pump, vacuum box board, desander, calender, press roll and other parts and equipment that have long-term contact with copper mesh, pulp, felt or forming paper. Fault. Another reason is the frequent movement of parts.

2. Lubrication

With rotating rolls and hundreds of different types of bearings in paper machines, lubrication management is necessary, especially under the influence of water, heavy loads and high temperatures. Lubricating oil is easy to evaporate, lose and age, causing damage and wear of the shaft head bearing, so it is necessary to check and refuel regularly.

3. Fatigue

The heavy load and continuous operation of papermaking machinery and equipment are easy to cause fatigue damage. In the paper machine, due to the limitations of the mechanical structure and working principle, the parts cannot have too strong design strength to avoid damage. It can be solved by maintenance and technical transformation.

How to solve paper machine rewinding cracks:

1. The uneven hardness or moisture content of paper rolls in papermaking machinery should be improved.

2. Whether the setting of the stretching device is normal.

3. Remove pulp lumps on the dryer cylinder, draw roll or spreader roll.

4. Before installing the paper core on the rewinder, check to make sure that the size of the paper core is the same as that of the shaft end.

5. Check the longitudinal knife.

6. Reduce the blowing pressure on the whole side to prevent edge cracks caused by excessive blowing on the whole side.

7. Replace or regrind damaged slitting knives.

8. If the vertical knife setting is shallow, lift the vertical knife cutting handle.

9. The roll paper is too tight.


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