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Analysis of the influence of thermal expansion accuracy of pipe cutting machine

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Analysis of the influence of thermal expansion accuracy of pipe cutting machine

 With the increase of the cutting element, the constant input of heat, the steel sheet temperature rising amount of thermal expansion is also increasing. As the most common means of processing enterprises, thermal cutting process has been widely used in various industries, the use of thermal cutting processing cost advantage of economies, stable cutting quality, but there is a maximum of thermal cutting is unfavorable due to local during the cutting process impact on the cutting precision of thermal expansion of the high-temperature form, then use the pipe cutter among the effects of thermal expansion on accuracy and how?
  If k is not coupled to the cutting compensation of thermal expansion of a compensation amount sided t, then another cut part was cooled to room temperature and the measured size of the first cutting element will have dimensions measured deviation, and the deviation will be as amount of thermal expansion of the steel sheet increases, until tend to balance (i.e. the heat input and heat cutting the steel sheet to achieve a balance). In the actual cutting process, the cutting part has a first, after the entire steel sheet. Just cutting the steel sheet near room temperature, but quickly cut parts, in particular not when the part is large, the completion of a cutting block plate part not yet had time to heat up, thermal expansion; although partial or heating, but by thermal expansion around room temperature constraint plate, this time more accurate cut part size.

  This is due to the different thermal expansion steel sheet produced under different temperatures, resulting in a volume change of the steel sheet, while cutting compensation k not be corrected (increased thermal expansion compensation amount △ t) of the cutting path does not change, then the cut parts after cooling, the volume will be reduced, of course, the size becomes small.


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