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Can A4 paper cutter cut stickers?

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The A4 paper cutter can be used to cut large self-adhesive trademarks, especially when the cutting accuracy is not very high. The A4 paper cutter can be used for self-adhesive trademark cutting. However, it should be reminded that , Self-adhesive cutting with a paper cutter will stick to the knife! So use A4 paper cutting machine to cut the self-adhesive trademark, not only speed does not go up, quality is also difficult to guarantee! Of course, if it is, the cutting accuracy, speed requirements It is not high, and the cutting amount is not much. Under appropriate circumstances, it is still possible to occasionally impersonate a flat die cutting equipment.
Self-adhesive labels, sticker cutters, die-cutters, self-adhesive label machines, etc. are usually used for self-adhesive labels in sticker printing plants, although A4 paper cutters are mainly used for opening materials. Cut and change the size of semi-finished products, but it is best not to consider the A4 paper cutter for stickers, unless the size is large and the location requirements are not high.
A4 paper cutter can be used for paper size conversion and trimming and trimming of semi-finished books and booklets. It is durable, efficient and easy to adjust. It is suitable for digital printing companies, printing plants, institutions, schools and other types. The small and medium-sized printing department is a necessary cutting equipment for high-end office and light printing machinery.


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