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Change order of toilet paper machine wool

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Change order of toilet paper machine wool:

1. Press roll under cover

2. Cover the wool roller on the west side

3. Cover the east side felt roller

4. Pattern roller under sleeve

5. Set of other wool roller

Precautions for changing woolen cloth of toilet paper machine

1. When changing the woolen cloth, the post shall be specially responsible for the overall work and commanding the crane. When commanding the crane, the staff shall be concentrated, closely contacted and commanding accurately.

2. Before replacement, it is necessary to check whether the specifications of the woolen cloth meet the requirements. Replace the woolen cloth according to the direction of operation and the arrow. It is not allowed to reverse the sleeve.

3. The steel wire rope of more than ∮ 12mm must be used for the lifting press roller, and the steel wire rope of more than ∮ 10mm must be used for the lifting felt roller.

4. Make sure to loosen the tension roller to the top before covering the wool cloth.

5. When it needs to be lifted by people, more than two people must cooperate to lift the roller to prevent personal injury.

6. When covering the wool cloth, it is required to enter in a single layer, and it is not allowed to push the pile into it to avoid scratching the wool cloth and the opposite direction of the cover.

7. The hand shall not be placed on the base surface when the pressing roller is sleeved, and the woolen cloth shall be pulled along the side to prevent personal accident caused by the roll falling off.

8. After the wool cloth is covered, all parts must be checked and installed, screws shall be tightened, and the wool cloth shall be smooth.

9. The new wool cloth should be properly tensioned and not over tightened.

10. The wool cloth must be washed.

11. After the work is completed, explain clearly with the on duty. The on duty shall be responsible for the inspection work and make all preparations for start-up.


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