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Classification of pulp equipment

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pulp equipment

According to the structural principle of pulp equipment, the main classifications are as follows:

1. According to whether pulp equipment is continuous or not

(1) Interval beater, such as Dutch beater, Volt beater.

(2) Continuous beating machines, such as: column-back refiner, cone refiner, and disc refiner.

2. According to the rotor structure of pulp equipment

(1) Drum type: beater, cylindrical refiner.

(2) Cone type: large taper conical refiner: taper 60°-70°; medium taper conical refiner: taper approximately 20°-30°; small taper conical refiner: taper approximately 10°.

The cone refiner is divided into two types according to the shaft support mode, the through-shaft cone refiner and the cantilever cone refiner.

(3) Disc type: ①According to the number of rotating discs. Single-acting disc refiner; double-acting disc refiner. ②According to the total number of discs. Double-disc grinding; three-disc grinding; multi-disc grinding.

3. Classified by pulp equipment beating concentration

(1) Low-consistency beaters (about 2%-6%): various types of beaters.

(2) Medium-consistency beater (about 8-20%): single-disc high-consistency refiner, cylindrical high-consistency refiner.

(3) High-consistency beater (about 20-35%): single-disc high-consistency refiner, cylindrical high-consistency refiner.


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