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Common failures and solutions of automatic pipe cutting machine

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1.The cutting table of the pipe cutting machine is unstable and has impact and vibration. It may be caused by air entering the system or oil. Try to work for several working cycles with the maximum stroke idling.
2. The work feed is suddenly interrupted. It may be caused by clogged mesh filter or throttle or oil leakage from the pipeline. Clean the filter, turn the throttle handle several times, or deal with oil leakage;
3. There is no pressure in the system. It may be that the ball valve of the safety valve is worn or the spool valve is stuck;
4. The hydraulic system of the automatic pipe cutting machine works normally, but the feed is uneven. It may be caused by mechanical reasons such as too loose and too tight screw of the knife platen pressure plate, too tight side wire, etc., should be analyzed carefully and dealt with accordingly.


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