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Cutter cutting knife chipping treatment

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For the printing house, the paper cutter is a must-have machine, and the paper cutter is used to cut the paper before and after printing. The paper cutter is easy to operate and has no special requirements for the environment. As long as the power supply is supplied, it can work normally. After the paper cutter is used for a long time, some problems will occur more or less, such as the paper cutter does not move, abnormal noise, and the paper pusher does not move. Some users reported to us that the newly installed paper cutter had a problem of chipping after one cut.

Hydraulic system failure of hydraulic paper cutter

Next, the editor will briefly analyze the reasons for the chipping of the paper cutter of the paper cutter?

The choice of blade sharpening angle, the quality of sharpening, and the sharpening gap time of the blade affect the flatness and smoothness of the cutting edge of the paper. Generally, the angle of the blade is 19°. If the paper to be cut is relatively hard, it is necessary to Increase the angle of the blade. If you want to improve the sharpening quality of the blade, make sure that the coolant is sufficient when sharpening, and avoid annealing at the edge. Before cutting, you can finely polish the blade with a whetstone, and apply soap and paraffin on the blade. , which can not only improve the sharpness and finish of the cutting edge, but also prolong the service life of the cutting edge, and the quality of the finished product will be better.

The reason why the chipping occurs in actual operation is because the operator shortens the sharpening time, and the coolant is insufficient, resulting in annealing of the cutting edge and narrowing of the width of the cutting edge. The nut must be adjusted during installation so that the cutting edge cuts into the pad. The blade, if the nut is not adjusted well, so that the cut is too deep, it will cause chipping.


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