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Cutting machine cutting edge angle

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The choice of the cutting edge angle of the paper cutter is a very important part of the cutting work. In other words, a good paper cutting machine must be equipped with a good paper cutting blade and sharpening process. However, we found in the after-sales service of the paper cutter that many paper cutter users often ignore this. As a result, the cutting blade's grinding method, method, and angle are often incorrect, which increases the impact of cutting. , Causing the safety screw to loosen or even break, eventually causing mechanical damage.The range of materials that need to be cut with a paper cutter is becoming wider and wider, such as beer aluminum foil caps, carbonless carbon paper, honeycomb paperboard, magnetic cards, photosensitive films, etc. These materials will encounter different practical problems during the cutting process. For example, carbon-free carbon paper is prone to indentation during cutting, and magnetic cards and photosensitive films will not be able to hold the presser in place during cutting, resulting in scrapped products. These problems can be solved smoothly by adjusting the pressure of the press, improving the blade and the cutting drive system. However, according to the author's understanding of these technologies, at present, only some paper cutter manufacturers in China can solve all of them.


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