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Daily inspection and maintenance of automatic pipe cutting machine

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a. Before turning on the automatic tube cutting machine daily, carefully check the pressure of the laser working gas and cutting gas. If the gas pressure is not enough, it should be replaced in time.

b. Check whether the X-axis zero point, Y-axis zero point, Z-axis zero point, laser preparation status and other buttons are damaged (check the indicator).

c. Check whether the zero point, limit switch and mounting block mounting screws of the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis are loose.

d. Check whether the circulating water level in the chiller is sufficient. If it is insufficient, it must be added in time.

e. Check the external optical circuit for leaks in the circulating waterway. The leakage must be handled in a timely manner, otherwise the life of the optical lens will be affected.

f. After cutting every day, check the focus lens for damage.

g. Check whether the telescopic skin cavity of the external light path is burned or damaged.

h. After the daily work is completed, timely clean up the cutting waste, clean the work site, and keep the work site neat and clean. At the same time, do a good job of cleaning the equipment to ensure that all parts of the equipment are clean and free of dirt, and no debris can be placed on each part of the equipment.

j. After the daily work is completed, open the drain valve of the air tank at the bottom of the air compressor for drainage. After the waste water is drained, close the drain valve.

k. After the daily work is completed, shut down according to the shutdown procedure, and then turn off the total power of the entire automatic pipe cutting machine.


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