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Description of dewatering elements What are the categories of paper processing machinery?

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Description of dewatering elements What are the categories of paper processing machinery?

Paper is one of the four great inventions in ancient China. As early as 105 AD, Cai Lun summed up the experience of making paper with hemp paper machine, toilet paper machine fiber since the Western Han Dynasty, and improved the papermaking technique, using bark, hemp head, rags, old fishing nets, etc. as raw materials to make paper. Papermaking was later introduced to Europe. By the beginning of the 18th century, the Dutch beater appeared, which changed the process of pounding and pulping, which was an important step in the mechanization of the papermaking process; in 1798, the French Robert Robert obtained a patent for a hand-operated endless wire paper machine, which was later passed through the United Kingdom. Funded by the Neil Brothers in Fu County, in 1803, British technician Don King improved and made a Fourdrinier paper machine that could continuously form paper, and successfully produced paper in 1805; in 1809, British Dickinson successfully trial-produced a rotary wire paper machine.

In terms of preparation pulping, in 1839, Pete in Germany began to use a cooking pot to cook shabby cotton cloth to make pulp; in 1843, Kler in Germany invented groundwood pulping by stripping wood fibers, which took ten years to improve by Furtel. In 1851, Burgers in the United Kingdom and Watt in the United States invented caustic soda wood pulping; in 1857, Tillman in the United States invented sulfite wood pulping technology; in 1884, German chemist Dahl invented sulfate wood pulping. technology. These inventions opened up the way to use wood as the main raw material for papermaking, and by the early 20th century, papermaking machinery had become a large-scale, high-yield industrial machine.

What are the scope of paper processing machinery?

Facial tissue machine, napkin machine, toilet paper rewinder, paper slitting machine, mini tissue machine, band saw paper machine, paper towel machine, handkerchief paper machine, paper cutting machine, paper extraction machine, newsprint machine, corrugating machine , Copy paper machine, coated paper machine, white cardboard machine.

The development status and future development trend of paper machinery in recent years, the rapid growth of the paper industry in recent years, has caused overcapacity to a certain extent, especially under the influence of the current international financial crisis, the industry has encountered greater difficulties. Facts show that the extensive development mode has come to an end, and realizing the strategic transformation of the paper industry is an inevitable requirement for the industry to develop to the current stage. Therefore, adjusting the structure of the paper industry and realizing industry revitalization in the process of adjustment will be a necessary factor for the survival of enterprises in the harsh environment of the financial crisis.

The overall demand of China's paper machinery industry will drop slightly in the second quarter, and it is expected to drop by about 10%. Due to overcapacity, the market for medium-sized paper-making machinery has approached saturation, and the demand for large-scale paper-making machinery has always been small. Product extrusion has brought about difficulties in the turnover of the paper-making machinery industry.

As a major paper manufacturer in China, paper mills should now produce high-quality products with their main products, win market share, gradually integrate with the world with branded production, and produce products with current scientific methods. Update, keep up with the current high-tech papermaking machinery and equipment, the market share in the future will be a great foundation.


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