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Diagonal and horizontal size press

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Diagonal and horizontal size press

The sizing machine is divided into two types, horizontal and oblique. The purpose of pneumatic pressure, surface sizing is usually to prevent liquid penetration, obtain better surface properties and improve the physical properties of the paper (such as surface strength and internal bonding force). ), is an effective means to improve the performance of the base paper.

The emulsified glue is continuously, evenly and stably coated on the surface of the finished paper through a surface sizing machine. After a series of physical effects such as infiltration, osmotic extrusion, etc., an extremely thin waterproof layer is formed on the surface of the finished paper. Increase the paper's water absorption, and at the same time increase the bonding strength between the fibers and the tightness of the paper under the action of the glue, thereby improving the paper's transverse ring pressure index, longitudinal fracture length and other technical indicators.

When the sizing machine is arranged in an oblique row, there is a pair of sizing rollers arranged at an angle of 30° in the horizontal direction, and the horizontal type is 0°; the paper sheet drawn by the dryer group enters the sizing tank composed of two sizing rollers. The surface is sized and then enters the next group of drying cylinders to dry. Two rollers: one is chrome-plated roller or artificial stone roller, the other is special rubber for sizing, the upper roller is fixed, the side of the rubber roller is pressurized upwards, the form of pressurization is pneumatic, and the hyperbolic pneumatic tire device is adopted. Transmission is divided into: single-point transmission, two-way transmission.

Diagonal and horizontal size press, It is used for surface sizing of cardboard paper, corrugated base paper, writing and printing paper, offset paper and so on. The maximum width of the sizing machine can be 5600mm.


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