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Do you know the origin of the paper machine?

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China's paper industry is developed and there are many paper mills. It is said that the paper industry is also famous in the world. In the paper industry, what is the use of lubrication equipment? First, we need to understand the paper machine

Paper is one of the four great inventions in ancient China. As early as 105 years ago, Cai Lun summed up the experience of papermaking with bast fiber since the Western Han Dynasty, and improved the papermaking technology with bark, hemp head, rag and old fishing net as raw materials.

It was introduced into Europe after papermaking. At the beginning of the 18th century, the Dutch beating machine appeared, which changed the pulping process and was an important step in papermaking mechanization. In 1798, Robert, a Frenchman, obtained a patent for an electrodeless hand-made paper machine, which was funded by Neil brothers of foxford, England. In 1803, the British technician Tang Jin changed it into continuous paper. In 1805, the company successfully produced paper; in 1809, Dickinson company trial produced the round wire paper machine in England.

In the field of material preparation and pulping, Peter began to boil old cotton in 1839 in Germany; in 1843, German Keller invented wood fiber wood pulp, and spent ten years in improving it successfully; in 1851, hamburger and wood pulp made in the United States; in 1857, Tillman invented sulfite pulping technology in the United States; in 1884, German chemist Dalton invented the pulping method. These inventions opened the way for the use of wood as the main raw material for papermaking. By the beginning of the 20th century, papermaking machinery has become a large, high-yield industrial machinery.

Since the 1950s, papermaking machinery has made great development and innovation. For example, the preparation of pulping equipment, including vertical continuous steamer, displacement scrubber, hot mill, new pressure screen and slag remover; paper machine has new pulp box, gripper, composite machine, polyester net forming.

After 60 years, DC motor SCR Speed control system has been widely used in paper-making machinery. Electronic technology is used to detect, control and record the parameters of papermaking process, such as machine speed, material concentration, temperature, flow, paper width and dryness, quantity and thickness. By the 1980s, the large-scale vertical continuous pulping machine could produce 1350 tons of pulp a day, the door width of the paper machine could reach 10 meters, the speed was more than 1000 meters per minute, and the daily output was more than 500 tons.

After the invention of papermaking, in a long history, it has been transferred from China to West Asia, Europe, America, all over the world, but it is all manual operation and pulp making. Until more than 1600 years after the invention of papermaking, the first paper machine appeared in the world, which changed the traditional paper making mode, improved the quality of paper, expanded its use, promoted social economy


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