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Dryer cylinder shaft head wear repair

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dryer cylinder

The shaft head of the dryer cylinder of the paper machine company sometimes has abrasion problems. Under normal circumstances, the company chooses to replace the bearing and will continue to operate, but it may become more and more severe in the subsequent production process, which will cause the naked eye. Visible swing and abnormal noise accompanied by friction. If the machine is shut down for disassembly and inspection, it will be found that the shaft head is severely worn.

The steps for repairing the wear and tear of dryer cylinder shaft head are as follows:

1. Remove the bearing seat to expose the worn parts, and use the chain hoist to lift the dryer to make the worn parts have a certain operating space;

2. Use a model ruler to detect the amount of wear on site and confirm the repair plan;

3. The welding positioning point is detected with a template ruler;

4. Use a polishing sheet to polish the parts to be repaired, especially local potholes or grooves, to ensure that the treated surface is rough and free of dust;

5. Reconcile and apply Soleil SD7104 material to make the material fully contact the metal and avoid air holes in the process;

6. After the material is heated, it is cured and then formed. Check whether the flatness and smoothness of the repaired surface meet the requirements for use, and check the material density;

7. Carry out the assembly work of the bearing according to the assembly process, and ensure that the bearing clearance meets the technical requirements during normal operation during the installation process.

The above is about how to repair the problem of the wear of the dryer cylinder shaft head.


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