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Excellent advantages of slitting machine

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       Slitting machine as a machine widely used by society, its reasonableness is undoubtedly, so as a widely used machine, what are the outstanding advantages of the slitter?

   1. Unique overall model design, simple structure, advanced and reasonable, strong and durable, and suitable for 1.8 m ~ 4 m width slitting machine.

   2. The winding adopts the independent arm shaftless central winding method, and is equipped with independent contact rollers, which is suitable for large roll diameter and high speed cutting, the maximum speed reaches 600m/min, and the operation is stable, safe and reliable.

   3. Sophisticated hardware configuration, the use of world-renowned brand-name products, driving and control using advanced CNC technology, touch screen operation, in order to achieve the requirements of high precision and high reliability.

   4. The advanced tension control method and function make the tension control with high precision and wide adjustable range, and realize the independent control of each winding motor and contact roller to ensure the quality of the finished product.

   5. A unique design is adopted to ensure that the machine is easy and fast to operate, and has good adaptability to raw materials. It is suitable for slitting BOPP, BOPET, BOPS, BOPA, CPP, PE, PVC and composite films, metalized films, etc.

        The above is the advantages of the slitter introduced by Easttai


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