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Factors Affecting the Adhesion of the Drying Cylinder of a Toilet Paper Machine

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The toilet paper produced by the toilet paper machine may be wrinkled, and there are many factors that affect the wrinkling phenomenon, and the adhesive force is also one of the influencing factors. When the toilet paper is wrinkled, if the moisture content is too high, the paper adhesion will increase, and the beating degree will be high and the evaporation will be slow, or the tank surface temperature will be low and the evaporation will be slow, which will cause this result.


If the water content is too small when the paper machine is wrinkled, the temperature of the cylinder surface is too high and the degree of beating is not low, the paper will shrink, and the adhesion of the cylinder surface will be reduced. From a different perspective, the beating Different factors, such as the degree of temperature, the cleanliness of the blanket, the influence of the fluctuation of the basis weight of the paper, and the level of the drying air pressure, all cause the moisture of the paper to change the adhesion.

Another main factor affecting the adhesion is the change of the surface state of the dryer. If the surface of the dryer changes, the adhesion of the toilet paper machine will be affected. The factors that cause the surface change of the dryer include surface cleanliness and rust. , The oxide layer on the surface of the cast iron cylinder is peeled, and the surface of the dryer is oiled. These factors will cause changes in the adhesion force, which will cause the adhesion of the paper sheet on the cylinder surface of the paper machine to be too large or too small, resulting in unevenness and phenomena. Affect wrinkling.


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