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Factors affecting the use of paper machine and the color difference of paper

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No matter how good the performance of the machine is, after a period of use, the paper machine may have various problems, especially which factors will affect the use of the paper machine. Next, Tianyang will introduce it

The factors of use, and the reasons for the color difference of the paper produced by the paper machine. After being formed, the paper used in the paper machine is pressed and further dehydrated. The paper machine consists of a pair of hard and soft rollers, such as stone roller and rubber roller, which form a press system. The extruding part is composed of the same type and different types of presses, and is characterized by a vacuum absorption device.

Details are as follows:

1. When working on the paper machine, the operator shall regularly check the state of the cooling system of the paper machine to prevent equipment overload under low temperature. Generally speaking, it is usually started after the equipment reaches a certain temperature before the equipment works. In addition, it is necessary to prevent the paper machine from working under high temperature. Whether it is high or low temperature, it will bring great damage to the equipment itself, and may not be seen in the short term, but long-term neglect will affect the life of the paper machine.

2. Due to the corrosion caused by rainy season, snow, air pollution and other factors, the user shall take effective protective measures according to the weather and air pollution. Reduce the impact of chemical corrosion on the paper machine and avoid shortening the service life of the machine.

How to solve the color difference in paper making?

The color difference in the production of the paper production line is caused by many factors. On the one hand, improper matching of pulping materials or unclean process will lead to unstable white water level in the paper making process, excessive application of additives, and long-term use of the process without cleaning.

Therefore, it is considered that in the production of paper machine, it is necessary to make more reasonable proportioning and accurately control the amount of white water to be recycled, and then the distance between the net cage and the arc plate can be adjusted according to the quantitative thickness of the production paper. There are many ways to solve the problem, and the most reasonable, economical and effective way to ensure stable production.


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