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Factors determining the life of A4 cutter blades

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There are many factors that affect the service life of A4 paper cutter blades, but many people don't know that three of them are the most influential. Below are the editors to explain for you.

   First, the material of the A4 paper cutter blade must pass the level. The cutter is made of high-temperature insert welding of the blade and the blade body. The blade is made of high-hardness chromium tungsten manganese steel and the blade body is made of low carbon steel. The durability of the A4 cutter is directly proportional to the hardness of the blade. Secondly, the quality of the sharpening knife, the higher the quality of the sharpening knife, the longer the service life of the cutter, and the better the cutting quality. The last point is to cut the type of material. The bluntness of the A4 paper cutter has a direct relationship with the wear resistance of the material being cut. When cutting the paper, the speed at which the blade becomes blunt is related to the softness and hardness of the paper and the ash content.


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