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Failure analysis of the breakage of the secure pin in the A4 paper cutter

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When we move up and down the knife bed of the A4 paper cutter, Guo Zengzhong, it mainly relies on the pull rod with the adapter sleeve to trigger its action. To ensure the safety of the machine in the case of accidental overload, we can configure it on the pull rod Corresponding secure pin parts. But sometimes when the resistance value of our cutting action is large, the safety pin will crack. At this time, to ensure the safety of the machine and other corresponding parts, we should stop the cutting operation immediately.

Sometimes when we use the A4 paper cutter to cut some of the discarded label paper, due to the unevenness of the paper, it is too full during the horizontal placement process, and at the same time it is too close to the right wall panel. At this time, when we cut it, its knife bed will cause its stable pin to crack instantly due to the excessive resistance value. At this time, we can only replace the accessories accordingly, but in fact, it is very troublesome to stop and replace the accessories.

Therefore, in order to avoid the occurrence of the above accidents and to avoid some unnecessary troubles, we should pay special attention to its high consistency while cutting some relatively narrow paper rolls, and at the same time make it not too close to it. Right wall panel.



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