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Features and application scope of BOB press felt

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BOB press felt

The BOB press felt has the good capability of filtration,drainage.High tensile strength and drying section (MG felt) of ecumenical paper machine to make lower/medium quality paper.The BOB press felt has good size stability of CD and MD,good filtration/drainage and good strength for all ecumenical,The BOB felt for striation paper can be designed of different striation on the paper surface for client’s special requirement,good third dimension on the surface,have good filtration/drainage and long life.

BOB press felt Characteristics

1.100% polyester

2.High efficiency

3.Good filterability

4.Small elongation

5.Easy to wash and clean

6.Long service life

7.International standard quality

BOB press felt


1.Paper making dryer felt is made up of single base layer fabric and fiber layer. Base layer is woven from synthetic filament or multi-filament.

2.The structure of paper making dryer felt  is designed base on different paper machine, different press position and different type of paper. Fiber layer is consisted of different lap of fiber web and different diameter of fiber for the best trainability and fiber support index.

3.Paper making dryer felt has good quality properties such as less elongation, easy to wash, no-mark on paper, long life performance etc. and can be used in all different kinds of paper making machine to produce all different kinds of paper.


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