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How can automatic pipe cutting machine reduce noise!

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Fully automatic pipe cutting machine is suitable for high-efficiency and precision cutting processing of petroleum 2 casing, welded pipe, high pressure boiler tube, line pipe, light casing, etc. It can meet the occasions of large-scale production in the petroleum, metallurgy, bearing and other industries. The full-automatic pipe cutting machine can automatically realize the functions of feeding, sizing, clamping, and tool feeding of steel pipes and automatic circulation, thereby achieving continuous automatic processing, greatly improving work efficiency, and providing continuous large-scale production solutions for enterprises  Program.

The following is to talk about the automatic pipe cutting machine, everyone pays attention to the following points:

1. The cutting blade of the automatic pipe cutter is very close to the clamping system, which can avoid the pipe vibration and ensure that it is not deformed.

2. The pipe cutting machine is compact and portable, which is very suitable for field installation or workshop operation.

3. Cutting is fast, no burr and the cut is perpendicular to the axis of the tube.

4. The pipe cutting machine only needs to add an automatic electric revolution control system and a welding power source to realize the all-position welding function.

5.The pipe cutting machine is suitable for cutting various materials.


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