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How does the toilet paper machine make paper?

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toilet paper machine

The papermaking principle of the toilet paper machine: mainly after the original pulp comes out of the headbox, it is evenly spread on the mesh, and the mesh is driven by the breast roller and the flat roller. There is a wiper under the mesh (before the waterline). ) And the vacuum suction box (after the water line), this part is collectively called the wire part; after that is the press part, which includes several pairs of press rolls up and down to squeeze and dewater; The roller can adjust the blanket angle to adjust the contact area between the dryer cylinder and the wet paper sheet; then to the sizing roller, there is usually a pair, and then several pairs of dryer cylinders are usually installed for drying and dewatering; the calender roller is the last procedure , After the upper and lower surfaces are calendered, the paper can be rolled and rolled into the required finished paper.

The working principle of the toilet paper machine meets the requirements of papermaking. The water suspension of pulp is dehydrated by the filter screen, dehydrated and dried by mechanical extrusion. The papermaking machine papermaking machine includes three main parts: finishing process, pressing and drying, and is equipped with necessary finishing. , Coiling and conveying device, and auxiliary systems such as pulp supply, slurry and white water circulation, vacuum, ventilation and exhaust, waste paper treatment and lubrication, automatic control, etc. Wide optimal working speed means that the modern paper machine has a cutting width of 11m and a working speed of 1000m/min, a paper output of hundreds of tons, and a weight of the entire machine of 1,000 tons, which is more than 100 meters. For paper machines, the working speed is tens of meters to 200 meters per hour.

The toilet paper machine is directly dried and ironed in the presence of puree. Cooking. disinfect. Then it is OK to cut more size. The paper machine is running, discharging---turn on the white water pump---turn on the dispersant---change the hanging knife---roll waste paper debugging.


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