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How does "waste" paper regain its vitality

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In daily life, we are exposed to all kinds of "waste" paper, newspapers we have read, office paper with unwrapped packages filled with schedules, and milk cartons you have just drunk and so on.Usually we throw them into the dustbin at will. However, in the eyes of professionals, these "waste" paper are all precious resources. The use recycling recycling is the complete life chain of paper. So it seems that when paper begins to be recycled, the story just begins. After recycling sorting pulping reproduction, the "waste" paper will become all kinds of things you like and reappear again.

Paper can be reused for an average of more than 20 times in its lifetime. The recycling of paper means that the consumption of forest resources can be greatly reduced. Recycling 1000 kg of waste paper can produce 850 kg of recycled paper, saving 4 cubic meters of wood, which is equivalent to protecting 17 big trees.

Let's calculate the account again. At present, 65% of China's paper is produced with recycled paper as raw material. According to the calculation that China consumed 54.43 million tons of recycled pulp in 2019, in the past year, we protected about 1.1 billion trees, which is equivalent to 1.5 Da Hinggan Mountains forests.

Moreover, compared with log pulping and papermaking, using recycled paper can reduce the pollutants in the pulping process by 50%, save more than half of the energy and reduce water pollution by 35%.

It is the environmental protection weapon to realize the full utilization of wood fiber and the lowest energy consumption! On the one hand, the "rebirth" of "waste" paper enables the life journey of paper to have more rich applications. On the other hand, wood fiber resources are recycled to the greatest extent. Therefore, this kind of environmentally friendly recycled paper products are called "green paper products" because they are born of nature and grow naturally as forest resources of paper raw materials.It is renewable, degradable and recyclable. This excellent recycling mechanism makes paper products one of the best substitutes for plastics. Recycled paper is our inexhaustible urban green forest.


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