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How important is the stability of paper uniformity on the production line

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The paper evenness is one of the important indexes for paper machine equipment to produce Rolfe paper. The paper evenness is the first sensory index of people. The paper evenness affects the production quality of paper machine, and in the daily production of paper machine, the evenness is still one of the most volatile and difficult quality standards to control.

In the production of paper machine, the unevenness of paper is caused by many factors, which are mainly caused by the following aspects: insufficient beating concentration, excessive on-line concentration, dehydration overload, non working of homogenizing roller, relaxation of forming net and excessive water release.

For the phenomenon and cause judgment of poor uniformity, it is the most important to take appropriate methods to adjust the uniformity and maintain the quality of the raw products of paper machine equipment.Therefore, all these need to be corrected in order to keep the paper evenness of paper machine equipment, so the method of adjusting uniformity is to suit the medicine to the case.


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