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How much electricity does the toilet paper machine processing equipment use?

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Next, the editor will introduce how much electricity consumption of the Toilet Paper Machine processing equipment is.

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Electricity consumption of toilet paper machine processing equipment: As long as it is about equipment, machinery, and products, electricity is generally used. What is the electricity consumption of toilet paper processing equipment? What power supply is used?

There are two kinds of circuits we use now, one of which is household electricity. It is also a 220V power supply. This power supply is aimed at our individual households, such as TV sets, air conditioners, refrigerators, and other household appliances. You only need to plug the plugs of the household appliances into the electric board. The size of the power determines how much electricity is used in a day or a month. Generally, the electricity consumption of ordinary products is larger, and the electricity bill of an average family may be tens of dollars a month. This kind of advertisement has also appeared on TV recently. What kind of frequency converters are used in household appliances? So what do we say about the electricity consumption of our toilet paper processing equipment? Generally, the power supply used by our equipment is three-phase electricity. It is also a 380V power supply, but some customers cannot receive three-phase power, what should I do if only two-phase power is required? Don’t worry, you can tell the manufacturer that the equipment can also be made into two-phase power for you, but the premise is that two-phase equipment is not as good as three-phase power and the voltage of three-phase equipment is not stable. It is advocated that customers use three-phase equipment. The total power of this set of equipment is about 10KW, and it is equipped with a frequency converter. The daily electricity bill is between 30 and 50 yuan, but these electricity costs are included in the cost of making toilet paper. Of course, the more electricity bills, the better, and more will prove that the business is good. Therefore, the electricity consumption of the toilet paper rewinder is not large. Varieties of toilet paper processing equipment: the most popular ones on the market, the commonly used toilet papers are: roll paper is also roll paper, pumping paper, napkin paper, handkerchief paper and so on. These papers are made by different equipment. Roll paper: The automatic toilet paper rewinder is used to process the roll paper. Paper extraction: Paper extraction machine is used to process paper extraction, napkin: Multifunctional napkin machine is used to process napkins. Handkerchief paper: The mini handkerchief paper machine is used to process handkerchief paper. In other words, the equipment you use to process different toilet papers is also different. Among these equipment, the most popular ones are still the processing equipment for roll paper, which is also the automatic toilet paper rewinder and the automatic toilet paper machine processing equipment. Customers can choose different equipment according to their needs. Raw materials of toilet paper: Commonly used toilet paper raw materials are: sugarcane pulp, wood pulp paper, deinked paper, recycled paper, etc. There are many varieties of these papers, and prices are also available. Customers have a lot of choice.

The above content in this article is the editor's general introduction to the specific power consumption of the Toilet Paper Machine processing equipment. If you have other questions, you can leave a message in the comment area below, or through the following Contact the editor. I hope you can gain more or less from the editor's article, thank you for reading.


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