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How to clean the screw conveyor

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screw conveyor

      The shell of the screw conveyor is divided into U-shaped and round-shaped. The round casing is made of high-quality seamless steel pipes connected by each section of the flange, and the whole body has good rigidity. The U-shaped spiral is made of steel plate, which is easy to use and repair. The types of screw conveyors include horizontal fixed screw conveyors and straight screw conveyors. Horizontal fixed screw conveyor is a commonly used type. Straight screw conveyor is used to raise materials in a short distance. The conveying height is generally no more than 8m. The spiral blade is a solid surface type. It must have a horizontal screw feeding to ensure the necessary feeding pressure.

      The timely finishing of the screw conveyor is very important to the service life. The finishing includes the finishing before and after the use:

      Check before starting:

      The screw conveyor must be checked before starting up. If there is a large amount of debris in the machine body, it will simply cause the equipment to be overloaded and even burn the motor. During operation, it is necessary to prevent foreign matter from falling into the screw conveyor, causing damage to the screw blade or cracking of the screw shaft. Therefore, before using the screw conveyor, the inside of the equipment should be sorted out to check whether there are sundries in the casing to avoid affecting production.

      After use, there will inevitably be a certain amount of materials in the equipment that cannot be completely discharged. At this time, it should be sorted after the machine is shut down. It is absolutely necessary to prevent the equipment from being sorted before it is completely stopped to avoid accidents. Screw conveyors have two common design methods, tube type and trough type, and the finishing methods are also different. Different types of screw conveyors have different finishing methods:

      The casing of the LS series trough screw conveyor is a U-shaped groove, with a cover plate on the tank body. When arranging, you can remove the fixing bolts, remove the cover plate, and then arrange. This type of conveyor is more convenient to arrange , Can be arranged directly with an air pump, etc.

      The casing of the tubular screw conveyor is a steel tube, so there are two ways to clean it up: flushing with water or ventilating. Water injection finishing refers to a large amount of water flushing the pipe through the feed inlet to flush out the remaining materials. Ventilation is to use an air pump or a fan to pass a large amount of air into the pipe and blow the material out of the pipe. Both of these methods can easily clean up the materials in the tube.


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