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How to control the noise of vacuum pump?

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Vacuum pumps are used as industrial equipment in many industries. However, vacuum pumps are usually used to generate noise due to operational issues. Long-term noise will affect people's physical and mental health and interfere with the lives of surrounding residents. Therefore, a vacuum pump is required. Noise management.

Vacuum pump

Vacuum pump noise control

1. Analysis of noise source of vacuum pump

Vacuum pump noise includes mechanical noise during operation, air noise of vacuum pump exhaust, vibration noise of vacuum pump piping, etc. The main noise type is mid-low frequency noise, which should be dealt with from both sound absorption and sound insulation.

Second, vacuum pump noise control measures

One. If there is an organic room in the vacuum pump unit, the machine room should be soundproofed and decorated. The interior walls and floors are made of soundproofing and vibration damping materials, the doors and windows are soundproofing, and the ventilation holes of the machine room are made of mufflers, which greatly reduces the noise of the vacuum pump.

2. The vibration noise of the vacuum pump itself is a big problem. You can use a vibration damping pad on the floor of the machine room, or you can use a vibration damping device under the pump body. The pump body connection pipe uses an elastic support frame and is trimmed with vibration damping materials. Reduce vibration and noise of the entire device.

three. The exhaust noise of the vacuum pump is mainly handled by the muffler. According to the noise frequency determined on site, design and manufacture a suitable noise source. The vacuum pump muffler is generally a compound muffler, which has the advantages of wide muffling frequency. The muffler is made of steel plates and has many internal structures. Made of stainless steel

Four. For the pipeline outside the vacuum pump room, it is wrapped with glass wool, glass cloth and other damping materials to further reduce the vibration and noise of the pipeline.

Vacuum pump noise control comprehensively reduces the influence of noise around the vacuum pump through measures such as sound absorption and noise reduction.


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