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How to deal with paper machine failure?

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There are two main faults of paper machine: 1. What should we do with this situation? What is the main reason for it? Next, EASTTAI, a paper machinery manufacturer, will explain it to you, hoping to help you.

Characteristics of equipment failure shutdown

1. The service life of some parts is short and the replacement frequency of spare parts is high.

2. There are many fault points in the equipment, and the equipment is often shut down.

3. There is a big gap between the failure cycle and the maintenance time, so it is difficult to manage.

The main reasons for the faults of papermaking machinery and equipment

1. Lubrication and mechanical rotation are directly related to bearings. In paper machines, there are more types and numbers of rolls, with rotating rolls and hundreds of different types of bearings. Therefore, lubrication management is very necessary, especially affected by water, heavy load and high temperature. The lubricating oil is easy to evaporate, run off and aging, resulting in damage and wear of shaft head bearing. Therefore, it is very necessary to check and refuel regularly.

2. Wear and tear mainly includes parts and equipment in long-term contact with copper mesh, pulp, wool cloth or formed paper, such as pulp, pulp pump, vacuum box plate, desander, calender, press roll, etc. Another reason is the frequent movement of parts, such as intake cover, vacuum booster roller, scraper, cylinder and vacuum pump.

3. Fatigue, heavy load and continuous operation of machinery easily cause fatigue damage. In the paper machine, due to the limitation of mechanical structure and working principle, parts can not have too strong design strength to avoid damage, which can be solved through maintenance and technical transformation.


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