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How to distinguish between slitting machine and cross-cutting machine

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Slitting machine and cross-cutting machine, the name of the two mechanical equipment is only a word difference, and both are used for the cutting processing of items, but these two kinds of cutting equipment are essentially different, the following let me Let's introduce these two devices one by one.

Slitting machine:

Slitting machine is a mechanical device that slits wide-width paper, mica tape or film into multiple narrow-width materials. It is commonly used in papermaking machinery, wire and cable mica tape and printing and packaging machinery. The main application of the slitting machine is: mica tape, paper, insulation materials and film slitting, especially suitable for slitting narrow bands (insulating material, mica tape, film, etc.). The slitting machine is a pre-press and post-press equipment that divides a large roll of paper, film, non-woven fabric, aluminum foil, mica tape and other thin materials into small rolls of different widths. It is commonly used in paper machinery and printing and packaging machinery. The machine is continuously controlled from single motor to dual motor and triple motor, which is more stable and efficient when the machine speed is faster.

Cross-cutting machine:

Cross-cutting machine belongs to carton processing machinery. The cross-cutting machine in the corrugated cardboard production line is the mechanical equipment for the cadres to cut the finished cardboard. Its technical performance and equipment adjustment directly affect the accuracy of the cut size of the finished cardboard, whether the pressure line is broken, and whether the cut appearance is smooth and beautiful. The cross-cutting machine is suitable for vertical and horizontal slitting of various types of paper. Such as gold and silver cardboard, plain rainbow paper, laser anti-counterfeiting paper, whiteboard paper and various types of thin paper. It is widely used for horizontal or vertical cutting of trademarks, cigarette labels, calendars, wine boxes, poker, paper-plastic printed composite materials.

After the above introduction and explanation, I believe that everyone has understood and understood the distinction between the two types of mechanical equipment such as slitting machine and cross-cutting machine.



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