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How to do the daily inspection of the paper machine

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The parts of the daily inspection of the paper machine are as follows:

1. Whether the connection lines are in poor contact, especially the associated signal lines, such as feedback lines, communication lines, input and output lines between load distribution points, etc.;

2. Check the PLC program, whether the upper and lower limits of the set parameters are appropriate, whether the calculation program has errors, whether the program execution is correct, etc.;

3. Check the inverter parameters, whether the torque compensation is set properly, and whether the default parameters are consistent with the motor parameters;

4. Whether the motor is normal, whether there is abnormal sound and abnormal heat, etc. If all of the above are normal, it is preliminarily concluded that the electrical is normal, and the reasons for the process and raw materials are observed.

In the operation engineering of the paper machine, due to the wear and aging of the components, some faults will often occur. Therefore, we need to master some simple fault inspection and troubleshooting methods, so that we can quickly find and troubleshoot when the paper machine fails. Solve the problem and put the machine into operation as soon as possible, so as not to affect the progress of the work and cause losses


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