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How to do the maintenance of the napkin machine

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facial paper machine

The main function of facial paper machine is to emboss, fold and slit the slitted paper. According to different specifications, it can be cut into different shapes such as square and rectangle. The facial paper machine we normally refer to mainly refers to the money clip machine, the handkerchief paper machine and the facial paper machine. Among them, the money clip machine and the facial paper machine can be used with each other, and can be converted only by replacing the folding plate, but the handkerchief paper machine is different from the other two. The facial paper machine has a simple structure, easy operation and high production efficiency. The following will introduce how to maintain the facial paper machine:

The daily maintenance of the facial paper machine needs to be carried out in accordance with the regulations in the instructions for use. The machine is a wearable item, so daily maintenance before and after production is an effective method to improve the service life of the machine. The daily maintenance work mainly includes the maintenance of the facial paper machine. cleaning, inspection, lubrication, adjustment, parts replacement, tightening, etc.

In order to ensure product quality and prolong the service life of the machine, whenever the cumulative working time of the machine is as long as 200-500 hours, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive overhaul of the machine, mainly to check whether there is serious wear between the components. Replacement, whether there is looseness between the parts, and reinforce the screws and other parts to avoid hidden dangers.

The above is the specific content of the facial paper machine introduced to you. The investment cost of the machine in the paper industry is relatively high. If the maintenance work is usually done well, the maintenance cost in the later period can be reduced. This is something that everyone needs to pay attention to.


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