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How to exchange simplex sheet cutter?

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 Simplex sheet cutter

       Simplex sheet cutter is a kind of paper processing equipment. It is widely used in a series of paper and non-paper processing fields. It is a general equipment.

      At the same time, the paper cutter also occupies an important position in printing machinery products. In the printing machinery product family, the largest annual sales volume is the small offset printing machine, and the second is the paper cutter, which is a must in printing enterprises. One of the equipment.

      All kinds of paper in book binding must be cut, such as cover paper, interleaf, ring backing paper, cardboard, medium diameter paper, etc. The paper cutter is an indispensable equipment in printing plants and binding plants.

      Simplex sheet cutter blades and cutter pads (blade strips), due to the increasing amount of cutting from time to time, will cause abrasion, so stop changing them in time. Pay attention to the chaos when changing, and stop the operation according to the operation order.


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