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How to maintain the belt of the belt conveyor?

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belt conveyor

In the use of belt conveyors, conveyor belts are indispensable, and the same is true for large inclination conveyors. The main purpose of these conveying equipment is to maintain the conveyor belt from damage. If the maintenance is not good, it will be damaged, then the production efficiency will be reduced, and the production cost will be increased. This is a series of problems. The belt conveyor manufacturer Shandong Yisitai Factory will give you specific maintenance techniques:

 1. In the process of using and storing the conveyor belt, first pay attention to avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow, do not contact with acids, alkalis, oils, organic solvents and other substances, and keep away from heating devices. The belt conveyor should be stored in an environment where the temperature is between 18-40 ℃ and the humidity is between 50-80%.

2. Another thing is to pay attention to timely adjustment of the running speed when the conveyor belt is running.

3. It should be noted that heat-resistant conveyor belts of different types and specifications should not be connected together, and their joints should be glued.

   Do a good job in the maintenance of the belt conveyor, whether it is a belt conveyor or a belt conveyor with a large inclination angle, can better serve us, thereby improving production efficiency, effectively saving production costs, and ultimately improving the efficiency of the enterprise.


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