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How to maintain the pressure screen damaged during use?

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Pressure screen

Pressure screen is a common equipment used in paper mills to purify and screen pulp. The slurry brought in the pulping workshop of papermaking equipment may contain impurities such as fiber bundles, sand particles, and metal shavings.

In the process of removing these impurities, the sieve itself will also cause abrasion, which will reduce the production efficiency and affect the production schedule. As a professional papermaking equipment manufacturer in the north, Shandong Easstai Equipment has more than ten years of experience in mechanical repair. Aiming at the problem of pressure screen wear, we will give you a detailed introduction and give you solutions.

Pressure screen

The specific solution to the board room after wear in use is

1. Use a hot air blower to heat the inside of the sieve to 30-40°C

2. Mix XK-C- -YHL1.0- -2.0 special resistant material and curing agent according to the proportion, and then apply the material to the wear part.

3. After the initial solidification, mix the XK-C-30 wear-resistant material and curing agent according to the ratio and stir evenly, and quickly and evenly apply to the sizing repair part.

4. Repair and level before initial curing, and cure for 24 hours at room temperature. After curing, use an angle grinder to smooth the repaired part.


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