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How to maintain the toilet paper processing machine and matters needing attention when working?

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Toilet Paper Machine

When we use the toilet paper processing equipment, we should pay attention to cleaning, so as not to let the sundries fall between the steel roller and the wool roller, so as to avoid friction on the machinery. In addition, stable voltage is required. If the voltage is unstable, it will easily damage the motor. Some small parts of toilet paper processing equipment are easy to wear out, such as gears, printing knives, belts and other small parts, usually pay attention to the maintenance of these small consumable parts. The transmission device of toilet paper processing equipment, such as mechanical parts such as chains, need to be lubricated regularly to avoid rusting and affect the production efficiency of toilet paper processing equipment!

When toilet paper processing machinery and equipment make toilet paper processing, the following points should be paid attention to:

1. The height of the cardboard and packaging board stacked at the sorting place of the toilet paper machine shall not exceed 1.5 meters and shall not be skewed. The packaging board must not be placed vertically to prevent overturning and injury.

2. When opening the mechanical lifting platform for paper products, care should be taken to prevent injury.

3. The sorting place should be kept clean and the road is clear, and scrap metal and damaged packaging boards should be cleaned up in time to prevent iron sheets or nails from hurting feet.

4. Pay attention to the wood thorns when handling the packaging board to prevent the skin from being stabbed.

5. During the transportation, attention should be paid to the obstacles on the ground to prevent the dumping of the paper pile from hurting people.

6. Sitting, drowsiness and relying on piles of paper are not allowed.

7. Wear protective gloves when choosing paper-making machinery to prevent cardboard from cutting hands, and pay attention to forklifts to avoid being hit.


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