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How to make a hydraulic headbox for a paper machine

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How to make a hydraulic headbox for a paper machine

The paper making device is a combined equipment for paper making, which is mainly composed of wire, pressing and drying parts. The wire part has two kinds of cylinder wire and fourdrinier wire. The pressing section is composed of pressing spokes and papermaking felts, and the drying section is composed of one or several drying cylinders. Some Fourdrinier machines are also equipped with mechanical calenders to improve paper smoothness and tightness. There are many types of papermaking equipment, such as single-dryer paper machine for making single-sided glossy paper, fourdrinier multi-cylinder paper machine for making general paper, tissue paper machine for making typing paper and cigarette paper, cardboard machine for making cardboard, etc. 

The headbox is one of the important components in papermaking machinery. The structure and performance of the headbox have a decisive effect on the formation of paper sheets and the quality of the paper. It can effectively disperse fibers. Turbulence can effectively disperse fibers, prevent fiber precipitation and re-flocculation, and effectively improve the strength of paper sheets. However, there are certain deficiencies in the structural design of the existing headbox, and the supply of the slurry in the existing headbox is relatively difficult, resulting in poor uniformity of the emulsion coated on the base paper, which in turn affects the finished paper. the quality of.

In order to solve the problems existing in the prior art, a hydraulic headbox for a paper machine is provided, the supply of pulp is sufficient, thereby ensuring the quality of the finished paper.

The hydraulic headbox of the paper machine includes a base, the upper surface of the base is provided with a 7-shaped support rod and a horizontal cylinder, and the headbox also includes a headstock located at the head of the horizontal cylinder. The middle position of the paddle wheel is provided with a gas-filled spoke with its concentric axis, and the wheel core of the gas-filled spoke is connected with the horizontal cylinder through the ventilation pipe; There are a plurality of head nozzles, and a plurality of fixed spokes corresponding to the head nozzles are evenly arranged on the beam of the 7-shaped support rod, and each head nozzle and the corresponding fixed wheel are connected by a flow pipe transition.


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