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How to make paper cutter knives more durable

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How to make paper cutter knives more durable

First, pay attention to whether the paper cutter has a slippery knife deviation, and whether the cutting accuracy meets the required standard.

Second, pay attention to the safety index of the paper cutter and what protective measures are in place to make the operator safer.

Computerized paper cutter unloading, sharpening, loading and maintenance

Third, the choice of the cutting edge angle of the paper cutter is also very important. It is introduced that the quality and effect of cutting are reflected in the cutting blade and sharpening process.

Fourth, it is recommended to purchase a product with a motor assembly with a mechanical brake device, which can avoid the dangerous situation of 'slippery knife'.

Fifth, the stability of the operation of each component of the paper cutter, the reliability of the overall quality and performance.

Sixth, the sensitivity and flexibility of each button of the operating platform of the paper cutter, and the noise level.


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