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How to manage pulp and paper equipment

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Today, I will take you to understand the management of pulp and paper equipment.。

1. Equipment management: Also known as equipment engineering, it aims to improve the overall efficiency of equipment, pursue life cycle cost economy, and achieve enterprise production and operation goals. Using modern science and technology, management theories and management methods, the whole process of equipment life cycle, Comprehensive research and management are carried out from the aspects of technology, economy and management.

2. Basic principles for drawing network diagrams: there are items at the beginning and end of the arrow line. It is not allowed to draw another arrow line from the middle of the arrow line; the number of the arrow item of an arrow line should be greater than the number of the item at the end of the arrow; There can be an arrow line. If there are parallel operations, matters should be added; circular routes are not allowed in the network diagram.

3. The principle of equipment selection: advanced technology, suitable for production, economical and reasonable, reliable operation and easy maintenance.

4. Life cycle cost: refers to the total cost consumed by the equipment in the determined life cycle (the whole process from development, production, use, maintenance, to elimination), which is an important indicator to measure economic benefits. Equipment Benefit: It is the ratio of the total benefit (total output) of the equipment in a defined life cycle to its life cycle cost.

5. The basic content of China's comprehensive equipment management: adhere to the policy of relying on technological progress, promoting productivity and prevention, and insisting on the combination of design, manufacture and use, maintenance and planned maintenance in the entire process of equipment management, professional management and mass The combination of management, the combination of technical management and economic management, the combination of repair, transformation and renewal. Use technical, economic and legal means to manage and use, repair and renovate equipment, continuously improve and improve the quality of equipment, give full play to equipment efficiency, and pursue the cost economy of the entire life cycle of equipment and improve the overall efficiency of equipment, so as to improve the enterprise. Economical service.

6. Decision-making: Refers to people making some decisions on action choices before taking action, that is, the whole process of exploring, judging and making choices about action goals and means before taking action. Information feedback in equipment management: Feed back various information during equipment use to equipment management departments and equipment manufacturers, in order to continuously improve the overall technical level and economic benefits of enterprise equipment. Network planning technology: also known as the overall planning method, uses network graphics to represent the arrangement of maintenance plans and the logical relationship between the various processes, finds out the main contradictory processes through mathematical calculation, and then balances and optimizes the plan to make the plan take into account. Make reasonable arrangements to complete maintenance tasks on time or ahead of schedule.


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