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How to meet the high performance requirements of the paper machine circulating oil

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When the line speed of the paper machine is low, one generation of paper products should be considered, and the width of the paper is not large. However, internal combustion engine oil, hydraulic oil or gear oil cannot be used to replace the circulating oil of the paper machine dry. Due to the low temperature oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance of internal combustion engine oil, the extreme pressure wear, demulsification and corrosion inhibition of hydraulic oil cannot meet the lubrication requirements of paper machine dry equipment, so it cannot be replaced or mixed with special oil for paper machine. The following editor will tell you how the circulating oil of papermaking machinery meets the higher performance requirements of the system.

Performance characteristics of paper machine circulating oil: good viscosity-temperature performance, ensuring normal lubrication when the working temperature changes greatly; good oxidation stability, reducing the deterioration rate of oil products and prolonging the service life of oil products; good rust prevention good anti-rust effect on lubricating parts; good foam resistance, so that the bubbles generated during the oil circulation process can easily disappear to ensure normal oil supply and oil film formation; good anti-emulsification performance, so that the oil mixed The water in the oil can be quickly separated to ensure the performance of the oil. Good filtration performance to prevent clogging of the filtration system; good extreme pressure and anti-wear performance to avoid wear of lubricated parts under heavy load; good cleanliness and dispersibility to prevent sludge accumulation.

In the new high-speed wide-format paper machine, the main bearing of the wet end is also centrally and automatically forcibly lubricated by a central lubrication station. In this system, the wet end and dry end of the paper machine are provided with a central lubrication station, which is managed and operated by an automatic control system. Aiming at the high-speed and heavy-load continuous operation of modern paper machines, the properties of lubricating oil such as viscosity temperature, oxidation stability, extreme pressure, demulsification and filtration are proposed.


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