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How to operate a program-controlled paper cutter

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How to operate a program-controlled paper cutter

The program-controlled paper cutter is a fully automatic paper cutter. If it is used improperly, it will cause low efficiency or even damage. Therefore, it is still very important to operate the paper cutter correctly.

First, arrange the paper to be cut and put it on the operating table, push the paper pusher to the starting position as needed, and then bring the sorted paper close to the paper pusher; then press the paper press to the sorted paper Then press the paper cutter to cut as required; lift the paper press, adjust the direction of the paper, move the cut part close to the paper pusher, push it according to the required size, and record the data; Then put down the paper press, and cut it with the paper cutter; according to these steps and data, carry out computer programming, and it can be raised and lowered several degrees according to requirements.


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